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Why Is There A Cityboy Forge?

When an idea happens, it happens. We all know that great ideas arise and then fade away every minute of every day if they aren't nurtured and shepherded towards becoming reality. You may have had three great ideas while you were waiting for a cup of coffee this morning. Do you remember what they were? Or did you replace them with "Should I use blue or yellow?"

Cityboy Forge makes ideas real. Not life changing ideas, but ideas that make small aspects of life better. What keeps your pants on? How do you surprise someone who already HAS everything?

Cityboy Forge treats ideas like tiny orphaned birds. A cardboard box with a blanket and a little light bulb is provided for every idea until it can get up and fly out of the Forge on it's own. Sometimes an idea doesn't make it and when you check on it, it's laying stiff-legged on it's side... that's the way it is sometimes, but at least we tried.

Cityboy Forge is my personal place. For 21 years, I told myself; "The next thing I do will be creative. I will have something tangible to show for my work at the end of every day." No more yelling, fighting, up-at-six, high-stress world for me. Just ideas, and their offspring; products. Products that men and women would like to own. Products that you won't find anywhere else. That's Why Cityboy Forge.