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Where Is Cityboy Forge?

The Cityboy Forge is located in the Grand Avenue Corridor neighborhood on the west side of Chicago, Illinois, USA. The property is convenient to every major highway and there are lots of great places for lunch nearby.

Located within a solid masonry building that's not too big and not too small, the smithy stands not under a spreading chestnut tree, but on a corner lot with nice southern light and great lunch places just around the corner. If you would like to visit the forge, it's important that you make an appointment. That way we can call off the attack dogs and greet you appropriately.

Parking is easy because the Cityboy Forge has it's own fenced in parking lot. This nicely paved lot is patrolled by killer dogs like Johnny and sometimes Ella, when she's not trying to get you to throw a ball, which is all the time. And the latest addition to the security team: Gracie. They watch over the Cityboy Forge when the staff is at one of the great neighborhood lunch spots.

You say you can't find it? Then you need to walk slowly around the Grand Avenue area in the summer and listen for the ringing anvil or the cranked up stereo. It theoretically could take some time, so you may want to stop and have a bite at one of the great little restaurants that populate the Grand Avenue area. We're happy to tell you where we are and how to contact us, but send us an email so we don't have to put that all online for the Internet Robots to come and harvest.