The Woven Buckle
Mystery, Right There On Your Pants.


The Cityboy doesn't want to get into the details of HOW the Woven Steel Buckle is made. Let's just say it's "Magic".
The woven steel buckle can be realized in so many different ways, it deserves it's own page. Go ahead and take a look and see for yourself a few the many possibilities available.

Create your own customized Woven Steel buckle. You can choose the finish, from forge darkened natural, to polished and ready for the board room or take a silver plated route if you like. Your buckle can be made in different sizes as well. Take a look at some of the choices that our clients have made, then write the Cityboy, so he can make a woven buckle for you. We roll our own hot steel and copper to make the buckles thinner. In most cases they're 1.75 inches tall and either 2 5/8ths or 3 inches wide, like the first two shown below.

But wait! There's more: Soon we'll be introducing PLAID woven buckles!


You know how some things are made to look "cool" using some cheesy trick? Not this woven beauty. It appears to have a dividing line cut into the vertical pieces. That would be cheesy. This buckle actually has ten vertical pieces. No shortcuts.

Serial Number 73008


Check Mate. Copper and steel working together. Ignoring their differences to keep your pants on. That's what hope is all about. One is Magnetic, the other is used in coins before 1984, yet they find common ground.

Serial Number 73007


Not only do we play with fire at Cityboy Forge, we also play with texture. (And our fierce guard dog Gracie.)

Serial Number 73010.


The first-ever Dress-sized, woven steel buckle made by Cityboy Forge. This 3 x 4 version started a craze with it's silver-plated finish and small design .A great look whether your boots are by Justin or Ferragamo. (rollover for size comparison)

Serial Number 75001.



This example uses steel and copper in differing widths with a subdued hot steel finish. The copper even has Margaret's initial cut into it.

Serial Number 73009.



This version is made slightly smaller than the one to the left. If you just leave off one vertical section, the buckle is ready for your khaki trousers.

Serial Number 74009.




Perhaps you like the look of one-inch wide steel?

The buckles above are made of 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch wide materials. But we're not limited to that. These are some early woven buckles made from one inch wide steel. We can also use 3/4 inch wide. Your imagination is the only limit.
And don't forget... coming soon to pants near you: PLAID woven buckles!

Copper Weave 43

What would Jude Law wear to keep his pants up? The woven steel design with copper rivets. It feels like Freedom. It's got a solid feel and it looks great on a faded pair of Levis®.

Serial Number 000043.


Woven 22

Like a carload of clowns held together by an ironic comedic thread. This woven buckle is neither scary like that, or sad like that. Just enough reflecting power to help you find your seat just after the lights go down.

Serial Number 000022.

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