Things That Get Said About Cityboy Forge Buckles

It's not the Glory. It's not the Money.
The reason we love to keep people's pants on is because it makes us feel great to make our clients happy.
Below are clips from actual emails from some very happy Cityboy Forge Clients.

5 Lot

Some happy gentlemen. Ira (wearing serial 163), Eric (158), Pat (167), Hecky (145A), and Scott (181). Notice that their pants are up where they belong. What have we been saying? "We Keep Your Pants On". Send us your picture and we'll put it up too. Thanks to S. J. Carrera for the great photo!


  Loving the buckles I got from you before Xmas. My friends in Oregon said it was the best xmas present they got so hopefully they’ll order some more from you when I get a chance to plant that seed with them.

I got the buckle today and I must say that your work is pretty impressive. It's got a nice heft to it and the art work and the artistic skill you put into it really shows. I love it. Thanks for including the photos on the buckle and how it was created. What a work of art. You are a very skilled artisan and I can see why celebrities seek you out for your work. We are leaving for Seattle this weekend and I look forward to wearing it to show it off. As soon as I get a chance I will send you photos.
Thank you very much


  I received the buckle this morning and it is simply superb, I love it, its everything I hoped it would be and more, thank you so much for getting it out to me before I leave, I'm thinking I'll have to get a picture of me wearing it and send it to you, hopefully while holding up a big trout, all the best, RP

Just got home and the buckle was here...It's INCREDIBLE! GREAT JOB! You Sir are a Gentleman, Scholar, and an Artist! I can't wait to have you work on another project.
Until then...Tight Lines & Fat Fish,

   Awesome work on my trout buckle. I love it. Im wearing it right now and will wear it daily forever. Love it. Great work on such a small canvas. I will be the envy of every desk jockey in Texas.

  Yes, My wife and kids got it and wrapped it to give to me this morning. It is Awesome! I love it! Thanks for making it and I'll be in touch.

 "I absolutely love my buckle and I love that the leather is simple.that is just how I like my belts. They are perfect. Thank you."

... Jim loves his new belt buckle!! Hasn't taken it off since he got it. He was so impressed that we got HIS plane on it. Everyone comments on it. Huge success. Thank you very much. is my BIL's reaction:" Holy Guacamole -- It sure is the time for smiles these days! We opened the package from City Boy Forge... and well, it brought tears to our eyes! Thank you so very much! Here are a few photos to oogle. Lots of love, [etc.]"
So there you have it -- another satisfied customer.
Now go enjoy the holidays!

You have outdone yourself! The "cub" is by far the best buckle I have ever seen. Sooo cute. I wish it could talk...Happy Happy

...The downhill racer hook rack is fabulous. It arrived yesterday, and again you have exceeded my expectations. I love the combination of copper, steel and silver, and how it looks great from a distance, and then you look closer and see all the added detail. I can even read the lettering on the gate and bib. Your work just gets better and better. The only problem I have is deciding where to put it.

...the buckle arrived Friday; and I opened it last night (Saturday). I am very pleased -- blown away, actually -- at how you were able to realize my vision for this buckle. My requirements were that you capture the sensation of speed and the skier's body position, and you did that very well.

They are perfect! Love them. They are so cool, so unique. Thanks again. Makes me think about placing a personal order.
Thanks again.

Just wanted to follow-up with you on my buckle. I wear it all the time and have gotten a ton of compliments on it. It looks great and will obviously last forever. The best part for me is the engraving, it really makes it a personal piece.
CityBoy- the buckle was a success. So much so, that Swelby pleaded w/ Sandra to let her wear it first, to school w/ her "save Levi" shirt. That's mygirl, a political fashionista.

I love the buckle. It surpassed my expectations, pictures just didn't do it justice. The belt is great as well. It is high quality and fits just right. Thank you for a great product.

Diana and Oliver presented me with the master piece last night!!! How awesome! I love the design and the craftsmanship is fantastic. I can’t thank you enough. It really is a very special piece and means a great deal to me. Thanks for working with her on this.

Very very cool. I just can't wait to give it to him! I keep taking it out and staring at it. I love it and know he will too!
I'll have to share these pics with him, he'll appreciate it.

Wow - I knew the buckles would be cool...but they were even better than expected!!! I couldn't believe the detail on the fish and the depths of the lake. You are so talented.
Thank you for everything and I will tell everyone I know where to get an awesome buckle. I now want one for myself!
Take car,

WOW!!!! That buckle is FRICKIN AWESOME!!!!
You did a great job on it. I absolutely love it! Thanks very much.
I look forward to wearing it OFTEN!
Hope our paths cross again!

Hi Wes,
I absolutely LOVE it!!! Obviously I have not given it to him yet, but oh my goodness, he is going to die! I am sorry that I did not email you back before to let you know how much I love it, but I am tickled pink! Thank you for all of your hard work, and I will email you after I give it to him, (with pics of course) so you can see it and the look on his face!
Thank you again,

Got the buckle today. WOW!!!
I had high expectations, they were tremendously exceeded.
I will be back in touch with a more thorough review, but wanted you to get my first impression.

My boss was in town this week and was wearing his fancy buckle the entire time. During one of our dinners, with other folks present, he’d mentioned that might be the best xmas present he’d ever gotten, from anyone, ever. He simply loves it, and now won’t shut the f*** up about it. He’d mentioned the craftsmanship and the uniqueness of it, blah blah blah
Anyway – just thought you’d like to know that your work is being highly appreciated.

 - I'd have said so sooner [thank you], but I have not stopped looking at my hand wrought feline puppet buckle of love!

My new buckle is a true gem of quality and beauty amongst my drab collection of thoughtless buckles and belts that loiter on a series of hooks like common trinkets of flash, failings and fictitiousness.
Thank You!
Everyone I show it to is impressed by it, and the fact that cats and dogs run in circles meowing, hissing and barking everywhere I go whilst wearing said buckle!? It just intensify's the feeling of power and protection it naturally conveys!
Are you more artesian than master craftsman?
Continue and encourage others!
(signed) a fan of your great work

 - Thank you very much. I received the buckle and it is terrific. I've been collecting buckles for years and have a number from Clint Orms and J.W. Cooper, but I must say you guys created my favorite buckle. Much better than I could have expected.

 - That's fantastic!!! You get the huge props for putting so much into his buckle. That is what makes this experience so special. It is going to be an incredible piece, I'd even say an heirloom. Thank you so much!

 - just wanted to shoot along an e-mail saying thanks for the buckle. it looks and feels great. also thanks for dinner last night, hopefully i didn't abuse the privilege of getting to choose the location, but it was delicious.also, it turns out buckles do just as good of a job holding up shorts as they do pants, maybe that's something to add to the site, think about it.

 - Hope all is well by you ... Wanted to check in with you and also update you a bit. I wear my belt ALL THE TIME...and love it ... I was in San Francisco this week and wore it and showed it to numerous folks...and got an amazing response...

 - She wears it and the Radial Engine buckle. We've had no problems, only compliments.
Hope the business is going well. Just consider starting a new business the longest spread position you'll ever hold on to!!

 - I just got the buckle in the mail today. It’s beautiful! Your pictures on your website don’t even do it justice.
Thank you so much for getting this done and delivered so quickly.
I have a feeling after this birthday Jeff will want to collect the whole set.

 - Scott is in LOVE with his buckle. He was so thrilled. ONly, I guessed
wrong on the belt size, so I'm plopping the 36 back in the mail to you.
Hopefully you can reuse the box and send me a 34 this week? thanks so
much, it's really fantastic and he can't wait to wear it.

 - I DO love it! It is soo great, it is going to be hard to hold off until our anniversary to give it to him!!!

 - First of all I have to tell you that I consistently get compliments on my buckle. I took it into Silver Creek outfitters to show them. They are an upscale fly shop here in town. They loved it!

 - The belt buckleS are a HUGE hit! We laughed as we exchange CBF boxes this morning and thought you must have been having a fun chuckle yourself!

We LOVE them -- thanks so much!

 - The buckle arrived and it's even better than hoped. Surprising how the world treats me different when my pants aren't around my ankles. Thanks. Have a great holiday. I'll be back.

 - The gift certificate was a HUGE success. Maybe the most well received
gift I've given him yet. He lit up even when he saw the box, b/c every
time your belts had come up, he thought "I need to get one of those."
Then getting to the certificate itself and the poem...that was perfect.
He'll be in touch soon to get the design underway, but just wanted to
say thanks! It was beautifully done.

 - Just got out of an all-morning meeting and am happy to report that the
package arrived and your work is terrific! The buckle and belt are really
impressive - the Crazy Charlies on the loop are a great touch. I have no
doubts that Andy will be proud to wear it.

 - I'm sorry, I keep forgetting to thank you for the buckle. I absolutely love it! It came out great, and I get compliments all the time. I'm still trying to cope with girls staring at my crotch, but I could have worse problems I guess :) Thanks again!

 - The belt arrived and it's even better than hoped. Surprising how the world treats me different when my pants aren't around my ankles. Thanks. Have a great holiday. I'll be back.

 - Received the belt buckle and it’s incredible. Love the materials and the attention to detail (etching of the bridge, rock outcropping in the water, etc)
I know it was challenging to translate a landscape to metal and you pulled it off. Thanks again!

 - Slav gave me the package yesterday at Tillers, and what can I say, I'm ecstatic! I think the buckle is really, really cool and I couldn't be happier with it
(I've had it on since I got it).

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