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Customized Certificate

Each Solid Steel Gift Certificate® says who it's To and From and the gift date if you want.

This one says*:

A seaside retreat with friends and wine
A chance to play and dance
Just memories will one day be
But memories can't hold up your pants.

Your poem will vary.


You get the idea. Give us some inspiration when you order your
Solid Steel Gift Certificate® and we'll make sure that your friend, partner,husband, wife, sister, brother, boss, congressman, client, producer, agent gets not only the promise of a Cityboy Forge Buckle, but a fun gift to unwrap on that special day whether it's a holiday, birthday or whatever. We'll do the work. You get the glory.

You're Interested? Send us an email. Or pay with Paypal.



*The names have been changed to protect the incredibly Lucky and the fantastically Smart and Thoughtful.




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