Solid Steel Gift Certificates


Gift certificates have always been a kind of Love - Hate thing. You love how easy they are to give, but you hate worrying about having people think that you just "phoned it in." Never more will you have this worry.

You can feel yourself relaxing as you read this can't you?

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The Realest Deal in Gift Certificates
Each Solid Steel Gift Certificate® is hand made with hammer and fire just like our buckles, so you'll never be accused of giving another dreary magazine clipping in an envelope.
You get a 2 inch x 3 inch chunk of real forged steel in a pouch nestled within a real Cityboy Forge box. A card is included to explain the incredible happiness that is about to envelop your lucky giftee.

You can choose a denomination to be forged right into the certificate, or like the one in the picture, you can give an "Any Buckle You Choose" certificate which allows the recipient to choose any style from the website, or create their own design with the help of our Artist Blacksmiths.

We personalize the back of the certificate too. Check it out.


How Much?
Any denomination can be purchased but we require a minimum of $50, since the solid steel certificate is made specifically for your use. Your lucky giftee contacts us and we deduct the amount of the certificate from their order.

The "Any Buckle You Choose" certificate requires a deposit of $100 for the Gift Certificate and the balance will depend on the design chosen or created by your lucky recipient. No matter who you give THIS gift certificate to, they'll know that you really put some thought into their gift. Once your giftee settles on a design with our artist-blacksmith you will be notified of the ballance due and once payment is received,


Another beauty of the SSGC is that the lead-time is way shorter than a buckle. You can have your Solid Steel Gift Certificate sent out in only a couple of days. You can even pay for it with Paypal.If you're ready to shop, click here and the Cityboy will show you how.

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