How Do I Buy A Buckle?

Buying a Cityboy Forge buckle is very important for your look, your style, your WOW factor. Our clients write us all the time to say thanks for the compliments that they get when they wear our buckles. That's really nice because that's why we make them!

When you look good, you feel great. You feel confident that you can close that deal, sell that stuff you sell, or make your old boyfriend sooo sad that he decided to date that witch in H-R. Most importantly, you know that your Cityboy Forge buckle is keeping your pants up with panache. The Cityboy sayeth it, thus, it is so.




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  If you see a buckle on the website that you like, we can make you one just like it. Most of the buckles you see here at are sold. If you like, we'll make you a fresh one with it's own character and it's own serial number. Remember, since each is hand-made yours will be an individual buckle with it's own hammer marks, it's own personality. It will, in other words, be unique.  

If you have an idea for a belt buckle design that you must have, tell the Cityboy and he'll help you realize your dream.You can order a custom buckle directly from the Cityboy by emailing him. He'll work with you to make your design the best wearable art that it can be.


We think about belt buckle designs 23-6-363.

If you ask: "Can you make me a belt buckle that looks like..." ... the answer will probably be yes. Not every idea is going to make a great belt buckle though. Try tying your shoes while wearing a Sears Tower* belt buckle.

Some things to consider about belt buckle design:

  • Preferred designs have a certain "horizontality" to them.
  • You can choose how big, or how small your buckle will be, so make a paper cut-out. (Warning: Paper cut-outs will NOT keep your pants on.)
  • You can make a buckle for belts that are 1, 1.25, or 1.5 inches wide. Most CBF buckles are for 1.5 inch wide belts. (If wider belts are usually more casual belts; Then, narrower belts are more... you complete the sentence.)
  • If your buckle is a repousse design, you can choose the type of metal to use. (For more information see the "Anatomy" page.)
  • If your buckle is a woven design, you can decide on polished, hammered, riveted, welded, what type and how many rivets etc.
  • If your inspiration is copyrighted, registered or otherwise protected, I will need written permission from it's owner to make the design.
  • If your buckle needs a belt, please know what size belt you need. ( The Cityboy recommends 2" longer than a person's blue jeans waist size. More on Belts.)


You bet you get a waranty. Read it here.



  * They can put a new sign on the building, but it will always be the Sears Tower. You gotta BUILD IT to name it.  
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