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Somebody must really like you!

If it's time to redeem your gift certificate, this is the page to read. We'll try to cover everything you may need to know. If you read this page and need more help, or need to start the design and build process, email the Cityboy.

Value: Your certificate is stamped with an amount on the front. This amount has already been paid toward the total price of your belt buckle by someone who really likes you. The final value of your buckle will be determined by the style, design and materials that you choose. The process of creating a custom buckle is a collaborative one and you arevery much in control of the finished product. There will be no last minute surprises, since you and the Cityboy Forge Artist Blacksmith will work closely together from start to finish. The final price of the buckle will be agreed to before work begins. Think of your gift certificate as a way to obtain a personalized hand crafted work of wearable art, for the price of a manufactured off the shelf stamped-out-of-a-machine-mcbuckle. Someone really likes you!

In Stock Buckles: You can use your Solid Steel Gift Certificate® towards the purchase of existing buckles too. If you see something on the Cityboy Forge website that really strikes your fancy, let us know! We can create a similar design for you, or sometimes the buckle you see is actually available. That way you can keep your pants on within just a few days. Open the Products for Sale page.

Design Tips:  If you choose to collaborate with the Cityboy Forge Artist Blacksmith to create your own custom design, here are a few things to consider:

Collaboration: Expect plenty of back-and-forth communications as your design goes from your head and onto your buckle. If you want to tell the blacksmith: "I like old Aircraft. Surprise me." He'll make you a beautiful buckle with a striking vintage aircraft on it. After the buckle is made is NOT the time to tell him: I only like Beechcraft Bonanzas." He'll work hard to make sure that any surprise is a good surprise for you!

The Cityboy wants to make sure that you get just what you want. He'll ask you many questions. He'll send you images inspired by your ideas and between the two of you, the potential of your design will be maximized. Most of these communications are done by email, so you can write when it's convenient. Otherwise the Cityboy welcomes your phone calls if you need instant feedback. The important thing to remember is that you're involved so that your buckle will be just what you want to keep your pants on.

Lead Time: Usually the design process takes a few days, assuming that you check your email regularly. If you know exactly what you want, it can go faster. After the design and price are agreed upon, and any neccesary additional funds are paid, the commission of the buckle is recorded into the work log. The creation of the buckle will take about a 2 weeks, barring any unusual work back-up. Buckles are made in the order in which they are commissioned. The Cityboy will give you an estimated time of completion at the time the commission is recorded.

Belts:  The belts we sell to go with our buckles are made right here in Illinois by a company that employs good, hard working people who take pride in their products. The leather is sturdy and they compliment our buckles very well. Once they are broken in, they become supple, smooth and feel good, like a comfortable pair of blue jeans. You can find lots of other belt straps out there for less, but they won't keep your pants on for years the way these belts will. They come in any color you want as long as you want Brown or Black. Available in even sizes from "Tiny" to "Giant". Order a belt 2 inches longer than your waist measurement. Remember, you can wear a belt that's too long, but you can't wear one that's too short, so don't lie to yourself; you deserve better than that.

Delivery: We usually ship via USPS Priority Mail. We require insurance and delivery confirmation too. If you'd prefer Fedex, we have an account, or you can use your own account. We don't use UPS. Period. Love USPS and Fedex. UPS; notsomuch.

Any more questions? Feel free to ask the Cityboy.

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