Repoussé and Fish Buckles start at $295 and go up depending on the subject, size and materials used.

Woven Steel designs start at $275 and go up depending on size, finish and rivets used.

Steel buckles start at $195 for the Blacksmith Stamped designs, and go up depending on the subject, size and materials used.



Serial Numbers

Each and every Cityboy Forge Buckle is signed by the artist and stamped with it's own serial number and the Cityboy Forge name. The studio keeps excellent records of every buckle including the concept sketch, photographs, materials used, size and date of completion. Each buckle is an individual work of art and is treated as such.

All serial numbers shown are the number for the buckle design in the photo. Each original design gets it's own serial number and reproductions get that number plus a letter. So if you're the next person to order serial number 000199, then you'll get a buckle with the serial number 000199A. New designs become the property of Cityboy Forge, which reserves the right to make more of them if they're really cool. Of course if we use other's copywrited artwork with permission, we'll seek permission for each buckle made from that design.




You can order a belt from us whether or not you choose to buy a buckle.

Belts alone are $32 which, considering the great quality of our belts is amazing compared to the prices of belts stocked in most stores.

When purchased with a buckle, the price drops to $24. The belts we sell are made right here in Illinois. They are top quality and made for real buckles like the ones we sell. They break in perfectly the more you wear them and age with grace, the way a truly high quality product should. Lengths up to 46 inches and widths of 1 inch 1.25 inches and 1.5 inches are available. We stock many sizes of 1.5 inch wide belts. Allow 2-3 weeks for belts that aren't in stock. (That's FAST!)




What should I expect from Cityboy Forge with regard to my package?

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