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Talk about easy. Paypal will tell us who ordered what, when. It even keeps the records for us, so we can't lose them. It tells the Cityboy where to ship, and it even gives you a place to tell us what you want down to the last detail. You pay nothing for this and we only pay a small fee, so it's worth it for everybody.

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 This is for those of you who want to order a
Solid Steel Gift Certificate®
. Follow the steps.

  • Select a denomination and type it into the price field. Denominations begin at $50 and go up in increments of $25. For the denomination: "Any Buckle You Choose" put a price of $100 in the price field but remember to let me know that you want the "ABYC" option. You can enter that information in the "note" field. Remember: the ABYC certificate means that your giftee can choose any buckle or create their own design and you will owe the cost of that buckle which isn't covered by the $100 deposit. That can be up to $250 for a custom buckle. The buckle will be made after that balance is paid in full.
  • In the Note area tell us how you want the certificate personalized. To whom? From Whom? (Please spell correctly) Would you like a date on the certificate? Inspire us to write something personal.
  • Make sure to tell us WHEN you need the SSGC.
  • If we're not shipping to you, tell us where to ship and by what date.
  • We'll confirm everything with you to make sure that the details are accurate.
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(Below under construction. Will be posted by November 3rd.)

  If You want to order a buckle like one you've seen on the website Follow the steps below:  
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