The Original Steel Buckles
Strength, Right There On Your Pants.


Just between the hammer and the anvil, you'll find an orange-hot piece of steel waiting to be transformed from a piece of post-industrial scrap into something you'll be proud to wear for decades and hand down to the next generation. These buckles are simple looking yet complex in that the physical forces used to make them were great and repetitive. Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing... that's just the first four strikes of the hammer.

Like our Woven Steel buckle, you can choose your buckle's finish, size and shape. From forge darkened natural steel, to polished up and ready for the board room. Or take a silver plated route if you like. Take a look at some of the choices that our clients have made, then write the Cityboy, so he can make an Original Steel buckle for you. In most cases they're about 2 inches tall and 3.25 inches wide, but it's all adjustable... whatever you want. Prices on this page range from $120 up to $200 for the Damascus buckle (without repoussé).



You should see how cool this is. It's Mosaic Damascus steel forged in a checkerboard pattern. Awesome enough to wear as-is, or use it as a base to put your favorite fish, or other repoussé decoration.

Serial Number BK0001.


MANtain Your Angle

This might have once held a hay rack together. But I digress. The steel angle has a neat ridge along the center and some liquefied bronze melted on at 2200 degrees. Polished for fun, but it can also be made to look stealthy.

Serial Number 000081



Named after the type of hammer we use to make it, this is a "Saw Hammer" pattern with tiny aluminum rivets around the edge.

Serial Number 000107.


A few years back we thought we'd see what a steel buckle looked like if we silver plated it... We must have liked it because there sure have been a bunch of them since then!

Serial Number 75001.




A railroad clip forged into a snowflake punch, in turn turns the flat steel oval into a play on the snowstorm. Silver plated steel.

Serial Number 000226.




Using rusty metal and cleaning it up in the fire. Hammered and beveled at different temperatures. As the steel cools, the hammer has less and less effect on the steel. Hit it in the center when it's hot and move to the outside as it cools. The get a big glass of water and chug it.

Serial Number 74009.



Martini Farm

Tell the room why you're here! It's time to lively up yourself with something "Up" and with an olive.



Parker's Original

Simple in design, therapeutic in it's creation. Each of those dimples is a hammer strike. If you get stressed out a lot, you could count the dimples to relax. The original "Parker" buckle.

Serial Number 000084.

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