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I know, every website has a links page that will usually take you on a long journey into the world of disappeared web pages and 404 question marks. That won't happen here. I only show you, my new friend, the things I want you to see. Think of my links page as China, but on a really small scale. Unlike my Chinese governmental counterparts, I won't keep you away from stuff for moral or political grounds, so you don't have to worry about that. This is just stuff I like.*


  Painter, Printer, Traveler, Friend. This is Scott Parker's web site. Scott is a true artist and someone we should all respect and support. As we speak, Scott W. Parker is probably in his studio in Manhattan working on a new block print, or preparing a canvas for a dramatic oil painting. His work is singular and can be seen on the web. Check out his site.  


When you want original, funny, thought provoking advertising, graphics and design, you won't find any better than the Wexley School for Girls. Headquartered in Seattle Washington, Wexley does the best creative work ever.
Go to Wexley.com



People who do good things that make the world better need to be recognized. At Inclusion Solutions, they make products that help businesses comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA. That's good because complying with the ADA improves the lives of disabled men, women and kids. Learn more about Inclusion Solutions, and if you don't already know about it, learn more about the ADA. Please support and thank businesses that respect the rights of the physically challenged.





A cowboy with the soul of an artist, or is he an artist with the sould of a cowboy? Duke Beardsley does iconic work that captures the old west in a modern way. You can see his website here, and you can see and hear a slideshow from the Denver Post's website narrated by Duke himself.


  One of my weaknesses is hand woodworking tools. If you thought "They don't make 'em like that anymore." is the truth, you've never seen Wayne Anderson's website. His woodworking planes are some of the best ever made. EVER! And get this: He does it all by hand. Hand cut, hand filed, hand fitted and hand finished. A real renaissance man, Wayne has left the employment of "The Man" and now has become one of the finest woodworking tool makers who ever lived. Go see for yourself by Clicking Here.  


The picture of the five happiest Belt Buckle wearers that you have ever seen was generously taken by professional photographer Stephen J. Carrera of Chicago. It's always nice to see real professional photos on a website and his is the only one I have. It shows that a pro knows!

Check out his great site: http://www.sjcarrera.com/



A local knife-maker who really knows his stuff. Bill Keller of BK Forge makes amazing folding and fixed knives. His engineering and jewelry backgrounds inform his talented artistic eye and his blacksmithing expertise means that his knives are beautiful, tough and made to last forever. If you're a knife collector you need to check out his work. If you're an outdoors-person, you need to have one of Bill's knives with you in the backcountry.


  * Don't go thinkin' this is some kind of commercial BS.  
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