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Cityboy Forge can create custom forged belt buckles for you to give as gifts or sell in your store.

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Great Impressions

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Whether your logo is a ranch brand or a graphic design,we can forge it into hand made buckles for you to give or sell. And given our customer service and our craftsmanship, the price per buckle will come as a pleasant surprise.


  • Turnaround can be as fast as four weeks including custom US made belts.
  • Each buckle can be personalized individually.
  • Choose your packaging or ours for retail or giving.
  • We make retail display stands for use in your display cases.
  • Unlike import products you're dealing directly with the maker.
  • Every bit of our products are made in the USA.
  • Customize the size, shape, finish and personality of your buckles.


  • Wedding Planners: You don't have to tell your clients how easy it was to pull off custom buckles for the bridal party or even all the guests.
  • Incentive Buyers: You can finally give something made in the USA and it will be original and personalized for your salespeople or employees.
  • Event Planners: You can order as few as 1 or as many as 1000 buckles for your corporate clients or event attendees.
  • Buyers for Retail: Now your designers can custom-create buckles for your stores.


You can contact Cityboy Forge for details regarding prices, quantities and services available.


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Silver Layered over steel. Personalized on the back. Hammered steel fully personalized on the back.