Technically Speaking:
Belts Keep Your Pants On.

Cityboy Forge buckles hold your belt together,
thereby keeping your pants on.

Belts For You Too
  The belt you wear, or don't wear, says a lot about you. Your belt should be strong, well made from the finest hides available, and most importantly it should show off your Cityboy Forge buckle to it's best advantage.  


To help you achieve these goals, Cityboy Forge sells outstanding leather belts made right here in Illinois by a company called Boston Leather. Using only the finest cowhides, Boston Leather creates simple, solid leather belts which require little if any maintenance. The belts are stronger than you and me and Arnold put together. They will last even longer than your oldest concert T-shirt. And most importantly, they really show off your Cityboy Forge belt buckle. For Belt Pricing information click here.




  Why doesn't every buckle automatically come with a belt?
Simply because not everybody needs another belt the way they jones for another Cityboy Forge belt buckle. Yes, it's true. Some people (God bless 'em.) collect Cityboy Forge buckles. One awesome thing about our buckles is that you can snap them on and off a belt in about 3 seconds. Once, in Texas, a guy snapped off three buckles in under 7 seconds, nobody thought he could do it, but he did.
      Belts come in Brown or Black. I recommend that if your buckle has copper or brass in it's design, then go with brown, and if the design is all steel or silver, then go with black. If you want to overrule me, that's fine too. Have it your way.

What length belt should you order with your buckle? 
The industry standard length measurement arrived at after decades of scientific research* is this: "Two inches longer than the waist size of the wearer's pants." Our belts come in even lengths from 24 inches to 46 inches. The most popular lengths are in stock in both brown and black like the ones in the photo above. Special orders require a minimum 2 week lead time.


  What about belt width? Doesn't that matter?
Cityboy Forge buckles are made to fit common belt widths. The most common widths are 1.25 and 1.50 inches. Ninety percent of our buckles are designed to be worn on these two widths. You may already have a belt you like, but the time has come to replace that embarrassing, stamped buckle with something that says: "I have arrived; with regard to my belt buckle!" Just measure the width of your existing belt, and make sure that the new sweet buckle you buy from Cityboy Forge is made for that width belt. The hotties won't even notice that you drive a K-car if you're sportin' the Rolls Royce of buckles from Cityboy Forge.**
  I'll soon be going through airport security. How can Cityboy Forge help?
Thanks for asking that important question. We've all suffered the embarrassment of having our pants fall off while going through airport security after having to remove our belts. That's almost never fun. We at Cityboy Forge want to help. When approaching airport security checkpoints, simply un-snap your belt buckle and put it on the tray that contains your shoes, jacket, backpack, watch, jewelry, computer, cell phone, sunglasses, nail clipper and spare change. Scientific research† has shown that a good leather belt will retain it's memory for up to five minutes after the buckle is un-snapped. Thus keeping your pants on, and keeping America safer. We are glad to help.


Take a look at the Boston Leather website. They make hundreds of high quality leather products. If you see something that you must have including dog collars, Cityboy Forge can get it for you. We can even give that dog collar the Cityboy Forge treatment: Spot will feel sporty and Fifi will look fabulous!


  *Not really, but it's true.  
  **Sometimes the hotties (male or female) can see through your ruse... they order buckles from us all the time.  

† Again, not really, but it works.

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