Anatomy of a Cityboy Forge Buckle
  We at Cityboy Forge are simple folk. Our buckles are made of simple parts. When ordering a buckle, knowing what these parts are called can make it easier for a client to tell the design team at Cityboy Forge just what it is that they want. On the front of the buckle pretty much every element can be customized. The back remains the same in most cases to ensure that the buckle fits the belt and holds the pants up properly.  
The Front of the Repoussé Buckle.
Anatomy 101

Let's talk about the image above:

1. The "Applied Design". In this case, a repoussé silver trout. The applied design could be anything that's practical. You may have always wanted to wear a buckle with a cowboy hat on it. Applied Designs are limited only by your imagination.

2. The "Body". It means the metal structure on which the buckle is built. Customizable in terms of material, shape and size. Usually the body is made of  hammered steel which is then shaped and sized to fit the decoration. Other materials could be silver, iron or copper fused steel.

3. The "Finish". Not because it's done last. The finish refers to the way the "Body" looks and feels. It can be hammered and buffed, like the one in the photo, or it can be left rough to highlight the "Applied Design". In any case, all rough edges are smoothed and the buckle is given a paste wax coating to help seal the metal.

The Backside of the Buckle.
Backside Anatomy

This is a busy photo. Most of the items are simply names for the parts on the buckle so relax, it won't take too long to cover.

The "Back". The back of the buckle is the main body to which all other parts are attached. It can be customized in many ways. Shape, material, finish and weight can all be adjusted to make you, the client, smile.

On the right is The "Hook". Pretty simply, it pokes through the hole in the belt. For a while we soldered these on, but now they are BRAZED for super strength. Most of the hooks will open a bottle of Coke... but you didn't hear that from us.

4. The "Boss". One of two per buckle, these little guys, in concert with the hook and the bail, will keep your belt from being rendered useless.
he bosses are soldered on for a cleaner look. The hook of the buckle can also be used to open a bottle of soda.

5. The "Signature". Cityboy Forge only signs the buckles it actually makes. It will have the company name and the name of the maker. Depending on the buckle, they could be organized like this one, or they could be all Willy-Nilly.

6. The "Inscription". This is where you express yourself. This buckle was made for... Bugs. (Very good. You've passed the test.) Space can be kind of tight, so we don't recommend that you take 15 minutes to explain how "Hiking the Appalachian Trail" really means: "Going to Buenos Aires". (This means you, Gov. Sanford.)

But Seriously: The inscription is where you tell a story for future generations. Say for whom the buckle is made and who it's from and why. We think this is so important we usually don't charge for this service. It's what makes our buckles really special. If you want to go way over the top, we'll discuss our prices for the service.

7. The "Serial Number". New designs get their own serial number. If we base your buckle closely on a previous design, or if you buy multiples of your own design, we add a letter after the number. So 000033A is the second buckle... 000033B is the third, etc. etc.

That's pretty much it. They may be simple, but wearing them will make you feel, well... complex.

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